Mediator: Attorney Theresa Rose DeGray Mediator: Attorney Theresa Rose DeGray

Are you struggling with your marriage?

Do you wish you could get divorced quickly?

Has it been difficult to hire a lawyer?

Do you have some semblance of an agreement?

Have you often wanted to get a divorce but just didn’t know where to start?

Mediation is the answer to all of these questions:

Divorce mediation is a simple, quick and powerful way to dissolve a marriage or domestic partnership in a non-adversarial way. In mediation you will have the opportunity to negotiate your own settlement rather than have one imposed on you by the Court. Too often divorce is looked at as a win-or-lose situation. Successful mediation requires recognition that both parties must compromise and that neither should win nor lose. The process of mediation is mutual and you should come out of it with a settlement that is acceptable to both of you and controlled by both of you.

The Mediator:

My name is Theresa Rose DeGray. I am a lawyer and Divorce Mediator. My function as Mediator is to assist you in reaching a settlement. My commitment is to get you to a settlement you both can live with. I will use my negotiation, facilitation, dispute-resolution and legal skills to help you identify areas of agreement and disagreement, and areas where legal issues may arise. When you disagree, I will point out how a Court might look at the problem and to provide you with some suggestions to alternative solutions. All final decisions will be yours.

The Mediator is not your lawyer (and doesn’t cost as much as having a lawyer!)

As Mediator, I will not represent either of you and cannot be your individual lawyer or the lawyer for both of you. There may be complex legal questions, questions of valuation of property, and tax and accounting problems involved in your settlement. You may obtain your own independent legal, tax, accounting or other expert advice at any time and it may be advisable to do so, but often times we can avoid these expenses by working through the issues together. It is understood that as a Mediator, I am not responsible for setting the value of any item or community property and that each of you is free to obtain an appraisal of any item of property.

Mediator’s Fee:

The legal fee for the work required is a flat rate fee to be quoted after a free initial consultation. You will also be responsible to pay all fees and costs associated with this matter, including but not limited to the Court filing fees and Marshal’s cost of services, if any.


I will assist you in drafting the initial dissolution or separation paperwork. I will conduct mediation sessions with you virtually (as seen above) or in person at my office (with masks and proper social distance) to work out the details of your dissolution or separation, including but not limited to issues involving custody and visitation, if there are children involved.

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Virtual Mediation is available Virtual Mediation is available