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Do you live in the New England area and are you looking for inexpensive activities for you and your family? There are plenty of family friendly places you may go to while in the New England area. Below are 5 cheap or even free New England activities you should check out!

  1. Hiking/Walking. It does matter what state you are in – there are always places to hike in the Northeast! The Appalachian Trail runs through Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine and features easy hikes found in Connecticut all the way to expert trails in Maine. In addition to the Appalachian Trail, there are plenty of other destinations you and your family may check out including Sleeping Giant in Connecticut and the Vaughan Woods Memorial State Park in Maine. If you’re looking for a walking trail, try the Freedom Trail in Boston, Massachusetts. This trail is rich in history and if you are not interested in hiking through the woods, this walk will be a nice change of pace.
  2. Bike the Cape Cod Rail Trail, which features 25 miles of open road for you and your family to bike on. The trail goes by many beautiful beaches and cranberry bogs. The best part about this New England destination is that it is completely free! There are many other free biking trails in New England that you can find if the Cape Cod Rail Trail is too far.
  3. Capron Park Zoo. Located in Attleboro, Massachusetts, this zoo offers views of a wide range of animals such as alligators, lions, cranes, kangaroos, and even bears. But what is so special about this zoo that I would choose to rank it in this post? Its price is so low that it is practicall or texty free! Adults may gain entry for a mere $3.50 and kids 3 and older and seniors get in for $2.
  4. Hammonasset Beach State Park. This 2 mile long beach in Connecticut is the perfect day trip for you and your family. Pack a lunch, bring plenty of sunscreen, and enjoy your relaxing day at the beach!
  5. Wine/ Beer Tasting. Looking for a cheap day trip for you and your significant other? Travel up to Cape Cod and check out the Cape Cod Winery or Cape Cod Beer Brewery. The brewery and the winery offer tastings and a wine glass you may take home for only $5. Additionally, there are many other breweries and wineries in New England that you can check out with some friends or your significant other.

On one of those summer days that you want to get out and go do a family activity, check out one of these places! All are located in New England and are either dirt cheap or free. Hike your way around the Northeast on the Appalachian Trail, bike your way across Cape Cod, or check out the zoo. Want an adult trip? A brewery or winery will be perfect for you. Summer New England activities can be loads of fun without breaking the bank!