February 16, 2019

Turn Your Tax Refund Into Debt Relief Today

“Leverage: the use of a small initial investment…to gain a very high return.”

— Dictionary.com

          I have been debating how to talk about this in a delicate manner and I simply could not figure it out. So, I will just come out and say it: People being crushed by debt can leverage their tax refunds to file Bankruptcy and get a Fresh Start. There, I finally said it.

          It may not sound kosher but it is. Instead of using your tax refund to pay off a portion of your debt, or to buy a big screen TV, people can pay for their legal fees to get out of massive amounts of debt if they qualify and it is the right thing for them to do based on their circumstances.

          If you are struggling with debt and want to explore this option, please contact my office and schedule a free and confidential consultation.


FAQ: Child Support Enforcement Services (Re-posted from Connecticut Judicial Branch Website)



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Tax Amnesty

A Guest Blog by Joshua M. Dickinson, CPA

Now is the perfect time to come clean and catch-up on your outstanding tax obligations. Connecticut has introduced “CT Fresh Start” which is a Connecticut tax amnesty program which runs through November 30, 2018. Almost all tax types are eligible under the program including both business and individual income taxes, payroll withholding taxes, business entity taxes, gift taxes, and sales & use taxes. A taxpayer is eligible if they failed to file a return, or failed to report the full amount of tax on a previously filed return, for any return due on or before December 31, 2016. The program is generally not available for taxpayers who have already received a bill for unpaid taxes or are currently under audit by the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services. The benefits include no assessed penalties on the outstanding obligation as well as interest at 50% of the normal rate. The program also allows for a limited look-back period for eligible non-filers of only three years and no criminal prosecution. Connecticut has not offered a tax amnesty program in quite a few years and the window to apply under the program is relatively short, so don’t miss out! To see if you can take advantage, please contact Joshua M. Dickinson, CPA of Walsh & Dickinson at 203-447-0550 immediately.

Special thanks to my colleague, Joshua M. Dickinson, CPA (pictured here on the right with me and Attorney Karen Zarkades on the left), for submitting this article to my newsletter and blog. He is a partner at Walsh & Dickinson, a full-service CPA firm operating out of Shelton, Connecticut, specializes in the needs of small to medium size privately held business and individual clients. Josh has over 22 years of diverse experience helping clients located throughout Connecticut. Please contact Josh at Walsh & Dickinson at 203-447-0550 or www.cpaswd.com. Thank you.

October or…Never?



Bad News in the Bankruptcy World:

Bankruptcy qualification is based solely on household income. Every six months or so the Office of the United States Trustee changes the Means Testing figures. Come Novermber 1, 2018, the Means Testing Numbers are going down. This directly results in less people being qualified to file for Bankruptcy.

Good News For You:

If you are contemplating Bankruptcy, I am urging you to get tested as soon as possible to see if you qualify and can file in October before the changes take effect. During the remaining days of October, I am offering FREE Consultations 7 days per week and FREE Means Testing. Click HERE to schedule your appointment right away.

What’s your focus?

At Consumer Legal Services, LLC, we offer a variety of ways to help get you out of debt. Since every person has a different situation, we offer many different solutions.

If filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is the best choice for you, we can discuss what is involved and how the process works at a free in-person consultation.

However, we believe other options should be explored before deciding on Bankruptcy. Bankruptcy should always be your last resort.

We’re here to help, to listen, and to offer advice.  We’ll be with you every step of the way.  If filing for Bankruptcy is the best option for you, you will be taken through the process from the Free Consultation, to the signing of the Petition, to the Discharge.  It will be done in a friendly, pressure-free way with courteous and diligent services.

Many famous people and companies have had to restructure and start over.  There is no need to feel embarrassed or ashamed.  Bankruptcy is a path to a fresh start.

Consumer Legal Services, LLC is dedicated to achieving the best outcome for every client.  With Consumer Legal Services on your side, you will see things through a new pair of glasses!

Financial worries do not need to consume your every thought. We have the solutions you’ve been looking for.

Give us a call at 203-713-8877 or text “help” to 203-814-0600.

  • Attorney Theresa Rose DeGray is admitted to practice law in the State of Connecticut and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. She is also a member of the Federal Bar for the Districts of Connecticut and Massachusetts. She earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree from Quinnipiac University in Connecticut, where she majored in Legal Studies. She worked several years as a paralegal before heading to Law School, during which time she developed practical experience which she used to start her own Law Firm where she focuses on helping consumers with financial issues in the areas of Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Defense.


    • Attended Quinnipiac University as an undergraduate
    • Attended the University of Massachusetts School of Law at Dartmouth, earning her Juris Doctor
    • Certified in Chapter 7 electronic filing of Bankruptcy within the Federal Court
    • Member of the Milford and West Haven Bar Associations
    • Wife, Mother and Attorney at Law
    • Owner and Sole Member of Consumer Legal Services, LLC, a Law Firm and Debt Relief Agency operating under the Bankruptcy Code

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Cheers to Nine Years!

Nine years ago today, on 09/09/2009, I filed the requisite Articles of Organization to register Consumer Legal Services, LLC, with the Connecticut Secretary of the State, and opened my very own solo law practice.

A dream come true…a dream I had since I was a little girl!

In the last nine years, I have had the honor and privilege of representing hundreds and hundreds of clients, helping them start fresh with bankruptcies, save their homes through foreclosure defense, restructure their families with divorce mediation and protect their futures with estate planning. 

The story of how it all came to be has inspired many others to seek their own second chance. 

The mission of Consumer Legal Service, LLC, is to help during times of crisis and in times of peace when we can focus on strategically planning for your future.

In that regard, and in honor of our nine year anniversary, we are offering a discount on all estate planning packages for the next 9 days (because everyone needs a will).

This firm is a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief amongst other things, under the Bankruptcy Code.