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Trying to plan a weekend getaway but don’t quite have the money for it? No worries – I have compiled a list of cheap weekend trips that are perfect for New England in the summertime.

  1. Cape Ann, Massachusetts. Located just 40 miles north of Boston, this town can be reached by train or car. There you may find the famous docks of Gloucester, visit the beach, or grab true (yet cheap) New England cuisine. With aspects of both Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard, skip the expensive places, and just head to Cape Ann for the weekend!
  2. Lake Placid, New York. Do you believe in miracles? This famous New York town is most known for holding the 1980 Winter Olympics. Tour the site where the Olympics were held for as little as $32 which grants you entry into various other sites and attractions for a discount and stay at the Olympic Motor Inn for a mere $76 a night!
  3. Why not try a local campground? Campsites are a cheap place to stay at night and provide a plethora of free activities during the day. Go hiking, plan a picnic somewhere near the campsite, bring your bikes and go mountain biking – the outdoor activity possibilities are endless! Camping is definitely more for the outdoorsy and active family, but it is one of the most inexpensive weekend getaways for families.
  4. Branford, Connecticut. This beach town offers great seafood restaurants, places for hiking, and public beaches. You may rent a small cottage or choose to stay in a cheaper hotel. This is the perfect weekend getaway for just two or the entire family!
  5. Springfield, Massachusetts. Springfield is a town with a lot to offer, but it avoids the claustrophobic and overpriced aspects of a trip to a large city. Six Flags New England is just a few minutes from Springfield, which will provide fun for the whole family! In addition, sports fans can check out the Basketball Hall of Fame located in Springfield. While some might not think of Springfield when they think of vacation, this town has a lot to offer.

Bonus tips for saving money on a weekend getaway:

  • Use a service such as Groupon or TravelZoo to get a hotel or fun activity at a discounted price.
  • Consider staying one night instead of two or three to cut down on the hotel cost.
  • Call or Text up a few friends that you haven’t seen in a while and invite them along. You can carpool to save money on gas or even split the cost of a hotel room.
  • Use points from a reward service to get a discount on a hotel room, flight, or meal.

Looking for a cheap weekend getaway in the New England area? Check out one or more of these incredible finds. Summer trips no longer need to be crazy expensive – you and your family may now have an incredible time without breaking the bank!