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I don’t know about you, but I am thrilled that summer is here! After the long, cold winter we had, I can’t wait to get out in the sun! The warm weather brings with it many benefits. There are a whole host of free activities that you can do now that you can get outside. If you’re looking for ways to stay fit this summer, don’t let tunnel vision make you feel like you have to spend $20-50 a month on a gym membership. Instead, take advantage of the summer and stay fit for free with these gym alternatives.

  1. Home workout routines. The home workout routine has become a fitness craze in recent years due to its convenience and inexpensiveness. You can find many such workouts on YouTube for free, or you can borrow discs for programs like Insanity or P90X from friends. All you will need is a computer, and you can do these workouts in the privacy of your backyard or your home.
  2. Use a playground for “gym equipment”. This might seem odd, but everything that you need for an intense workout can be found at a playground. While you’re taking a family trip to a playground with your kids or on off hours, you can use the opportunity to workout at a playground nearby. Nerdfitness.com has great playground workouts that you can do for free! While these workouts might seem basic, trust me, they will definitely be intense!
  3. Go to the beach. Running on sand provides great resistance, or you can swim laps in the ocean. Beach volleyball, wakeboarding, and body surfing are other great beach activities that will get your heart rate up. You can also have a fun day at the beach with friends or family, instead of trying to workout alone.
  4. Go hiking. Connecticut offers great hiking trails, from simple meandering paths to intensive, daylong hikes. Walking is a great form of exercise that most people can do, and you can use this as a social event. Bring a pole and go fishing, take pictures, or invite family and friends to make the trip even more fun.
  5. Play a pickup sport. If you love a particular sport, join a league or find pickup games in your area. Sports are a great way to get exercise in a fun and exciting way. Playing ultimate Frisbee, basketball, or volleyball won’t feel like work – instead it will be an enjoyable way to stay fit.
  6. Bonus tip: staying active on summer vacation

While you’re away on vacation, it can be easy to skip workouts, indulge in food and drink, and gain a few pounds. Many hotels offer free gyms to help you combat lack of exercise on vacation. Take advantage of this free gym for half an hour to stay in shape!

There are a million ways to stay active during the summer months, from taking your dog on long walks to hosting a badminton tournament in your backyard. Use the warm weather to your advantage and come up with creative ways to get your exercise in without spending a lot of money!