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Trying to make this summer one to remember without any expensive vacations? No need to worry! Here are five summer ideas both you and your children will love.

  • Bike Ride/ Walk: Find a park, a city, or just do it around your neighborhood. Bike riding is a good exercise for both you and your children and there are plenty of ways to make it fun. Don’t have a bike? Then walk! Why not bike ride or even walk to a park, pack a lunch and have a picnic? You will get to do some type of physical activity and also bond with your child and it is virtually free, but make sure to wear a helmet and bring sunscreen!
  • Fruit Picking: Find a local farm that allows fruit picking. Summer is the perfect time for harvesting various fruits including strawberries, blueberries, cherries, raspberries, and peaches! They are normally sold by the pound, but are not pricey and you cannot beat the quality or the freshness of the fruit picked. Some farms even offer tractor rides, which come with the fruit picking, and it is something that many children enjoy.
  • Backyard Obstacle Course: For this activity, you will need a few items that can be picked up at a dollar store in your area. Buy hula-hoops, jump ropes, maybe a slip and slide, and set up a fun obstacle course in your own backyard. Allow your children to invite some friends and you may even join in with them! Set up the hose to a sprinkler or the slip and slide and let the kids play! Make it even more fun by making different events featuring the backyard toys you purchased.
  • Baseball Game- No I am not talking about an over priced MLB Game. Every state has various Minor League Baseball Teams and tickets to those games range from $7-$12. They have a very long season just like in the majors so there is a game almost every night. Also, unlike professional games, minor league games have many more activities for children and they even have children’s admission rates. Food is cheaper, tickets are inexpensive, venues are closer to home, what’s not to like about minor league baseball? Simply Google the nearest team to you and have a good, cheap night or afternoon out with your children!
  • Start a Garden: Want something to do in the summer, but don’t want to leave your home? Why not start a garden with your children? The only cost associated with this activity is the cost of seeds and they are extremely inexpensive and may be purchased at various locations including places like Target and Home Depot. In starting a garden, you may teach your child about the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables. This could also cut down your grocery list once the produce starts to grow.

All of the activities listed are inexpensive, fun ways to bond with your child[ren] over the summer months. No need to worry about expensive trips to theme parks, these five summer ideas will keep you and your child[ren] busy. For more information on summer fun, and money-saving tips, contact us here.

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