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Order Extending Foreclosure Sale Dates to October 3, 2020

All foreclosure sales scheduled prior to October 3, 2020 are hereby cancelled in order to prevent a potential gathering of individuals at the auction site.

Accordingly, the Court is opening the judgment in these matters sua sponte solely for the purposes of setting a new sale date of October 3, 2020.

The Committee is instructed to incur no additional fees and costs prior to August 26, 2020. It is further ordered that a new appraisal is required for the new sale date, but the requirement that the sale be advertised by legal notice in a newspaper is hereby dispensed with. Advertising of the new sale shall only occur on the Judicial Branch’s Foreclosure Listing website. The Committee shall inform any potential bidders that the sale has been rescheduled. The Committee is not required to appear at the premises at the date and time of the sale that has been rescheduled.

James W. Abrams
Chief Administrative Judge – Civil Division