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Connecticut Law Journal FAQs

1. How can I access prior versions of the Connecticut Law Journal?The Judicial Branch has made available online Connecticut Law Journals published after June 13, 2017.  If you are looking for a prior version of the Connecticut Law Journal, please visit one of our law libraries.

2. Can I search the Connecticut Law Journal? Each Connecticut Law Journal and section may be searched using your PDF viewer.

3. Can I access previously decided Supreme and Appellate Court cases via the online Connecticut Law Journal?You may access opinions of the Supreme Court and the Appellate Court issued after June 13, 2017 via the online Connecticut Law Journal.  You may access opinions issued after July 4, 2000 via the Advance Release Opinions section of the website.

4. How do I know if there are replacement pages?Replacement pages display directly below the listing of the page numbers of the online version of the Connecticut Law Journal, and are tabbed under the relevant pages in the online Connecticut and Connecticut Appellate Reports.  There is also a list of the replacement pages issued from July 1.

5. Are notices of state agencies published in the online version of the Connecticut Law Journal?Yes, notices of state agencies are listed under the tab entitled Notices of Connecticut State Agencies.

6. Will there continue to be notices of public hearings and updates regarding the Connecticut Practice Book and the Code of Evidence in the online version of the Connecticut Law Journal?


7. Will state agency draft regulations continue to be published in the online Connecticut Law Journal?
No.  State agency draft regulations may be viewed at the Connecticut eRegulations System website.

8. Can I still buy a printed bound volume?

Yes, you may purchase the Connecticut Reports and the Connecticut Appellate Reports through the Commission on Official Legal Publication.

9. Can I print out the entire Connecticut Law Journal or do I have to print out each section?

You may print out the entire Connecticut Law Journal by selecting the hyperlink at the end of each week�s entries which has the text �Print all pages published on��. You may also print individual sections of the Connecticut Law Journal.

SOURCE: CT Judicial Branch