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The District of Connecticut has selected Dinah Milton Kinney to serve as Clerk of
Court. Kinney will officially assume the role of Clerk of Court on January 1, 2022,
replacing outgoing Clerk Robin DeKam Tabora upon her retirement.
Prior to her recent appointment by the Board of Judges, Kinney held the
position of Chief Deputy Clerk for the District of Connecticut for more than thirteen
Dinah has long been recognized by her colleagues as a consummate
professional who has earned the trust and respect of the district over a long period of
dedicated service,” said Chief Judge Stefan R. Underhill. “The Board of Judges was
impressed with her leadership qualities, her vision for the court, and her proven track

record for working effectively with judges, staff, and outside entities. We are all looking
forward to working with Dinah in her new role.”
Kinney earned a bachelors degree from Southern Connecticut State University
in August of 1992 and went on to receive her juris doctor from the University of
Connecticut School of Law in July of 2000. She has been an active, well-respected
member of the legal community for over 32 years. Before she was hired as Chief
Deputy Clerk for the District of Connecticut in 2008, Kinney served the public through

various positions, ranging from executive assistant in the Office of the United States

Attorney for the District of Connecticut in the late nineteeneighties to law clerk to the
Honorable Aundria D. Foster in Newport News, Virginia in the early aughts.
The Clerk’s Office for the District of Connecticut provides administrative support
to the Court and maintains official records, files, and documents. Its staff of
professionals interact daily and frequently with government officials, attorneys, and the

public on behalf of the Court. The Clerks Office also assists judges with emergency
planning and preparedness, courtroom and facilities issues, IT challenges, and security.