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If you’re an individual and feel that there is no way out of your debt troubles — filing bankruptcy may be your best option. Individuals file personal bankruptcy because they need financial relief and seek a second start: A Chapter 7 bankruptcy or a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can help you overcome problems if:

• You are facing home foreclosure and fear losing your house

• There has been wage garnishment assigned to your pay checks

• You have been laid off or face other job problems

• There has been a medical crisis to you or one of your family members

• There are pending lawsuits

• You have recently been divorced

• You want to stop creditor harassment

When these problems are regular occurrences, you’ll want to learn more about what filing a Bankruptcy can do to help you. There are Bankruptcy Laws designed to help you. There is life after bankruptcy: Seeking professional advice from bankruptcy attorneys and bankruptcy lawyers will help.


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