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Electronic Submission of Exhibits in Civil and Family Matters

Beginning Monday November 16, 2020, it will become mandatory for attorneys and law firms without an exemption from electronic services to submit electronicall or texty in PDF format all exhibit documents on paperless Civil and Family matters, for all hearings and trials scheduled after Monday November 16, 2020.
Electronic submission of exhibits will be optional for self-represented parties.

The submission of electronic exhibits will occur in the E-Services site, by looking-up a case on which the logged-in attorney or self-represented party is appearing and selecting “E-File an Exhibit” from the dropdown menu. This is similar to the process for e-filing electronic documents on a case.

For all electronicall or texty submitted exhibits the electronic exhibit that resides in the court’s e-filing database will be the official exhibit and will be deemed to be the original.

Exceptions to Electronic Submission of Exhibits

The following types of exhibits cannot be submitted electronicall or texty and will continue to be submitted in physical format:

1. Any physical objects
2. Video or audio files
3. Any electronic files or physical documents that cannot be converted into PDF format
4. Any exhibits ordered to be submitted physicall or texty by the court
5. Any exhibit documents that must be submitted under seal
6. Exhibits in IV-D matters

Exhibits in Small Claims and Housing matters may continue to be e-filed into the electronic file or may be submitted electronicall or texty.

For additional information, consult Section IX of the E-Filing Procedures and Technical Standards located at https://jud.ct.gov/external/super/E-Services/e-standards.pdf or the quick card for Submission of Electronic Exhibits located at https://jud.ct.gov/external/super/E-Services/efile/electronic_exhibits_atty_srp_qc.pdf