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Family Matters Update

Effective the week of May 11, 2020, family pretrials and status conferences will be held telephonicall or texty. These remotely held events will be scheduled in cases from all Judicial District courts, whether or not the court location is currently open. Please check your E-Services inbox regularly for notices of these events. Any such notice will require you to send your preferred e-mail address to a designated court employee, who will then forward you instructions on how to access the conference.

DO NOT COME TO COURT FOR THE CONFERENCE. It will be conducted remotely.

All conferences will be accessed using Microsoft Teams, which you can download to your computer or mobile device from the internet at https://teams.microsoft.com/downloads.

Pursuant to the Governor’s Executive Order 7CC, the Judicial Branch is also taking requests for the entry of judgments by agreement, or for the approval of any final agreement, in divorces, legal separations or custody/visitation actions without a court hearing. More information can be obtained on the requirements to make such a request at www.jud.ct.gov/family/FArequest.htm .

Please be advised that in a custody action, a document establishing the legal relationship between the parents seeking judgment and the child is required before any such judgment can enter. If you represent the applicant in a custody action in which the required document has not been filed, even if the case is not yet ready to proceed to judgment by agreement, obtaining the document from your client now and filing it will facilitate the entry of judgment later.