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Have you tackled your wallet cleaning project, and are now looking for a bigger challenge? Consider cleaning out your home! When you’re living on a budget, every dollar counts! To make a little extra cash, you might want to consider partaking in the spring cleaning ritual and selling some of your old possessions. As the saying goes, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. Instead of letting old clothing, toys, and electronics sit around unused, turn them into cash with these spring cleaning tips!

  • The classic tag sale. When you think spring cleaning, chances are you thing of a tag sale. This is still a tried and true method of selling your old possessions that you no longer want. To make the event even more successful, consider getting your neighbors to join in. More people will want to come to a sale where they can walk from yard to yard and get a good selection of things to buy.
  • Recognize your valuables. You shouldn’t sell your most valuable possessions at a tag sale. If you have antique furniture or china that you want to sell, consider taking them to an antique store. You will get a much better selling price at a store than you will from someone off the street. An expert can also tell you if your furniture is rare or historic, which can add value. Likewise, you should take your jewelry or similar possessions to a pawn shop or thrift store. You will be able to sell for much more money at one of those establishments.
  • The virtual tag sale. Take the tag sale to the next level by utilizing an online source to sell your valuables. You can use a website like Ebay to sell some of your valuables. Sites like Ebay allow a larger audience to view your items, which means that you will probably get the best price for your valuables. One great item to sell on Ebay is an old model of a phone, computer, or other electronic device. There is a huge market for a previous version of an electronic device, as they are generally more reasonably priced than the newest models. A friend of mine recently sold a first generation Ipad for $200, which is pretty close to the original asking price. You can sell your electronics online to make a few hundred dollars.
  • Old sports equipment. There are websites designed for you to sell or trade your old sports equipment. While you might not get a lot of money for your worn out cleats, expensive gear such as hockey gear, baseball bats, and other specialized sports equipment can be sold for a significant amount of money on sites such as Ebay or SwapMeSports.
  • College books. You can sell your old college textbooks on Amazon.com or a similar website. College textbooks can sell for hundreds of dollars!

Cleaning out your home can give you a sense of hope for a fresh start. An added bonus is that you can get money for you old belongings, which you can put toward paying the bills or getting out of debt.