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Notice Regarding Amendment to Executive Order No. 7G

On March 20, 2020, notice was issued that all Supreme and Appellate Court filings were suspended until further notice, consistent with Governor Lamont’s Executive Order, No. 7G. By order of the Chief Justice, effective June 10, 2020, the suspension that applies to Appellate filings March 20, 2020 through June 10, 2020 in cases pending before the Supreme Court and Appellate Court is removed and counsel and self-represented parties are permitted as of right, to file by July 6, 2020, the documents that were due during the suspension. Additional time for filing, after July 6, 2020, must be requested pursuant to P.B. § 66-1(e), which rule requires that a motion for extension of time be filed at least 10 days before the expiration of the time limit. Additional information is as follows:

1. The request that no paper briefs be filed until further notice is revoked. Counsel of record and self-represented parties in cases in which paper briefs were due between March 20, 2020 and June 10, 2020 will be contacted by the Office of the Appellate Clerk for paper filing arrangements. All briefs filed on or after June 10, 2020 must be filed in full compliance with the rules of appellate practice.

2. The notice issued on April 30, 2020 regarding the Preargument Conference Program remains in effect until further notice. It is requested that the appellant’s brief in these cases be electronicall or texty filed by June 15, 2020. However, note that the grace period that applies to appellate documents that were due during the suspension also applies to these filings. If additional time is needed beyond July 6, 2020, a motion for extension of time will need to be filed.

3. The removal of the suspension does not apply to trial court motions that delay the commencement of the appeal period or cause the appeal period to start again pursuant to P.B.§ 11-11. The deadline for filing these motions will continue to be suspended and the appeal time will continue to be tolled until those motions are required to be filed.

4. Where the electronic brief has been filed but the paper brief has not been filed, the paper brief will be required to be filed. Counsel of record and self-represented parties will be contacted by the Office of the Appellate Clerk to schedule a date and time for filing briefs specific to this situation.

5. Where an order for articulation, rectification or hearing from the Appellate Court or Supreme Court is pending before a Judge Trial Referee or trial court Judge, rulings pursuant to these orders will continue to be suspended as these are trial court proceedings and any suspensions, so far as they remain in effect at superior court, will apply.

6. Assigned counsel in cases that require access to a trial court location that is closed or has limited operational hours in order to copy, construct or process appellate filings, should file a motion for extension of time requesting relief.