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If you’re trying to save money, you might be wondering when you should skimp and when you should proceed as you normally would. Birthdays and holidays are events that can be particularly hard to handle while you are trying to save money because these occasions are usually expensive. With Thanksgiving approaching, it is important that you start planning for the holiday now so that you can put on amazing Thanksgiving festivities and make delicious food without breaking the bank. Follow these tips below in order to make your Thanksgiving Day a budget friendly, family filled occasion.

  • Always buy a supermarket turkey and buy it early! Some turkeys can go for as much as $10 per pound, but you may find a good quality bird at your local grocery store for as little as $2 per pound. If you look early, you will have the best selection and price range. Freezing the turkey until Thanksgiving means that you can buy one before the Thanksgiving prices take affect and some foods become more expensive.
  • Frozen vegetables can be substituted for fresh ones. Buy frozen vegetables instead of fresh ones. Once cooked and seasoned, the two taste virtually the same so why spend needless extra cash. Frozen vegetables are also quick and easy to make.
  • Ask your guests to bring the desserts. Assign one person to bring pumpkin pie, another the cookies, etc. This will save you both time and money as you will only have to worry about the main course if you are hosting a Thanksgiving party. Since you are hosting, I am sure all of your guests won’t mind bringing one thing to the party.
  • Buy the generic brands. The savings will add up like crazy if you choose the cheaper brand names. Oftentimes there is little difference quality wise between brand name foods and the more expensive ones, but the financial savings can be significant.
  • Opt for natural decorations. Simple small pumpkins and stuff is enough decoration for the table and won’t cost as much as that enormous centerpiece you bought last year. Or simply just use decorations you already have laying around in the attic.
  • Prioritize your dishes. There is no need to have 10 side dishes if you are only cooking for a small amount of people. Only make the essential dishes that are classics on Thanksgiving.
  • Search online for cheaper recipes of your Thanksgiving favorites.

It does not need to cost a lot of money to put on a good show for a Thanksgiving meal. Cook from scratch and don’t be afraid to ask for help! Since everyone is coming to you for Thanksgiving dinner, don’t be scared to ask them to bring a dessert or bottle of wine.