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Not really sure what cases civil litigation lawyers take on? Civil Litigation is such a broad subject matter and the different types are endless. There are two categories or types of cases in the American legal system, civil and criminal. Basicall or texty, anything non-criminal in a court of law is considered to be a civil case. The difference between these two types of cases is very simple. The main difference is that crimes are normally punished with jail time whereas civil involve monetary damages or just orders not to do something.

In order to become a civil litigation lawyer, one must meet certain requirements. For starters, they must earn a Bachelor’ Degree. They must also take the LSAT, which is just to test critical thinking and analytical skills. Then attend law school and take and pass the Bar Exam. Next step is to actually become a civil litigation associate.

All civil cases involve a plaintiff, attorneys, a defendant, and a judge and or jury. Because civil litigation is such a broad subject matter, many lawyers will choose to specialize in a certain practice area. Some of the practice areas that can be categorized under civil cases are:

  • Contract Disputes- Usually involves a breach of contract, which is when there is no legal excuse for not fulfilling all or any parts of a contract.
  • Property Disputes or damages-This occurs when one party accuses the other of causing harm to one of their assets or when there are zoning issues, contractor disputes, or problems with real estate deals.
  • Torts- Torts can be and civil wrongdoing that causes someone some type of harm. Although some torts cases can be crime, the initial cause of legal action may not be a crime.
  • Car Accidents- Virtually any car accidents can be categorized as civil cases, this includes drunk driving.
  • Medical Malpractice- This is when a patient believes that he/she has been harmed or injured due to the mistake of a medical provider or that they were neglected and not taken the proper care of.
  • Workers Compensation- Issues regarding employees being injured while in the workplace are entitled to workers comp.
  • Landlord/Tenant- Any type of dispute regarding rent or things of that nature can be categorized here.

So as you can see, there is no specific type of civil litigation. They can range anywhere from car accidents to even environmental law. Have any other questions regarding what type of civil litigation your case falls under? You may contact me here.