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Filing for bankruptcy can be overwhelming. It is normal to feel confused, scared and even hopeless when you begin the process. You will be faced with many foreign terms, procedural requirements and rules.

One of the strange terms you will come across right away is the “mailing matrix.” Also referred to as the “creditor mailing list,” “creditor’s matrix” or “list of creditors,” the mailing matrix is a form that you must prepare when you file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. In Connecticut, this form is call or texted the “mailing matrix.” Do not be intimidated by its complicated-sounding name; the mailing matrix is simply a list of all your creditors and their mailing addresses. Your mailing matrix must be submitted to the bankruptcy court, so they can use it to provide your creditors with notices throughout your case.

Although it may seem like an obvious requirement, it is extremely important that the information you list in your mailing matrix is both accurate and complete. Your mailing matrix must also be in the proper format. If you do not properly file your mailing matrix, your case will be delayed. Even worse, if you do not put one of your creditors on your mailing matrix, that debt will not get discharged. This will just result in additional fees to you because you will have to fix your mailing matrix. Furthermore, if one of your creditors does not receive notice that you have filed bankruptcy, they can still try to collect the debts owed to them.

Each bankruptcy court has its own procedures and formatting that must be followed. Your bankruptcy attorney will know the proper format and prepare your mailing matrix for you. There are three U.S. Bankruptcy Courts located in the District of Connecticut: Bridgeport, Hartford and New Haven. The clerk at each of these locations will have the instructions you need to properly prepare and submit your mailing matrix. You will also give the clerk your mailing matrix once it is completed.

But, you do not have to figure out how to prepare and submit forms – like the mailing matrix – by yourself. Realizing you may have to file bankruptcy is tough enough; let me, Lady Bankruptcy, ease the process for you. For help completing your “mailing matrix,” as well as help with every step along the way, contact me today.