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Are you maxed out on your credit cards? Have you recently been laid off? Do you have unexpected medical bills? Is your phone ringing off the hook with aggressive bill collectors? Has your mortgage ballooned out of control? In a nutshell, are your bills more than you can pay?

Fortunately, there’s a bailout available to you, the” little guy.” It’s call or texted bankruptcy. It’s a relatively simple legal procedure that wipes out your debts.


Annoying Bill Collector Call or Texts
Credit Card Bills
Medical Bills
Court Judgments
The Mortgage On Your Home (IF you choose to walk away from the house)
Your Automobile Note (IF you choose to walk away from your car)

Interestingly enough, you will receive dozens and dozens ofoffers from car dealers to sell you a brand new car, many times at better terms than you currently have. Often, by going bankrupt, you can actually upgrade your vehicle.


Your Automobile (in most cases)
Your House (in most cases)
Your Utilities
Your Career
Your Possessions
Your Pension

Many famous people found themselves in a position similar to yours and did the smart thing. They declared bankruptcy and got a fresh start in their lives. The fact that they are famous proves that they were able to reach their potential BECAUSE of the clean slate they gained from declaring bankruptcy. Here’s just a few of the famous people who once went bankrupt.

Mark Twain, MC Hammer, Dee Snider, Kim Basinger, Suge Knight, Abraham Lincoln, Francis Ford Coppola, Oscar Wilde, Burt Reynolds all went bankrupt to clean up the financial mess they found themselves in

While you may not think highly of lawyers, it makes sense to at least talk to a bankruptcy attorney Almost all of them offer a free consultation during which they will lay out your options so that you can make an informed choice as to whether bankruptcy makes sense to you, and if it does, whether it’s something you can do yourself.

The Bankruptcy Laws are complex and vary from State to State. This is why it’s important to use a bankruptcy attorney where you live.  For a qualified bankruptcy attorney in your state, My Credit Hell provides a list of board certified bankruptcy attorneys in your state who offer FREE CONSULTATIONS. Moreover, there was a massive re-write of the Federal Bankruptcy Laws in 2005. Bankruptcy Lawyers knows the bankruptcy laws. By understanding and knowing how to apply all existing and relevant state and federal exemptions (things you can keep) can often permit you to keep your car and house. Your pension, future wages remain yours.

In many cases, the fee you pay your bankruptcy attorney will be more than offset by the value of the additional property and assets they’ll manage for you to keep. In other words, retaining a bankruptcy attorney can not only pay for itself and then some, it will result in less work and stress for you.

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