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Take Control of Your Finances after a Divorce Using a Budget

You may have yawned (or cringed) when you read the title of this article, but please keep reading. This information is important for anyone who has gone through a divorce or who has ever worried about money for any reason. You have probably heard many times that you should budget. But few people actually do. […]

Meet the Attorney

A true “phoenix rising from the ashes,” Attorney Theresa Rose DeGray went solo 12 years ago, just months after her own personal bankruptcy. It was that experience that led her to help hundreds and hundreds of clients claim their own fresh start through bankruptcy. She took her own story and coupled it with her grit […]

Attorney Registration – 2022

Pursuant to Practice Book §2-27(d) and (f), the 2022 annual attorney registration process began January 4, 2022. Attorneys and authorized house counsel must complete the registration process online by March 4, 2022. Attorneys and authorized house counsel are required to register online at the Judicial Branch website through E-Services. An attorney must be enrolled in […]


THE PATHWAYS PROCESS IN YOUR DIVORCE, CUSTODY OR VISITATION CASE During 2021, Connecticut transitioned to a new process for family cases, including custody, visitation, dissolution of marriage, and legal separation cases. Entitled “Pathways,” the process seeks to give each case the level of court resources it needs, and to reduce the number of necessary court […]

Strategies for Collecting Child Support

As you exit the courthouse, you feel drained but relieved. The judge ordered your child’s other parent to pay you a weekly child support amount calculated according to your state guidelines. Payments begin and you hope they will continue. Is there anything you can do now to increase the chances of keeping the child support […]

13 Strategies for Avoiding Challenges to your Estate Plan

Your thoughtfully constructed estate plan could be disrupted by a challenge from a relative or friend who is unhappy with his or her inheritance (or lack of one). Here are 13 effective strategies that you can use to reduce the likelihood of your estate plan being challenged. DON’T PROCRASTINATE If you wait to create an […]

Fancy and Frugal: Blueberry Compote

A few months back, I had an idea to make some different toppings for my almond flour waffles to jazz them up a bit. I literally stumbled upon this recipe in my own kitchen. Well you can hardly call it a recipe as it only has one ingredient: blueberries. Here’s what I do: Take a […]

10 Tips for Successfully Completing Probation

You got probation and can breathe a huge sigh of relief now that you know you aren’t going to jail. But don’t forget, you aren’t free yet. Probation comes with conditions that you must meet. If you violate a condition, your probation can be revoked and you can be sentenced to time behind bars. Probation […]