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Family Matters

Notice to Parties and Counsel
Superior Court for Family Matters
Previously Scheduled Hearings and Trials During The COVID-19 Emergency
With the exception of the hearings described below, all trials and specially assigned hearings which had been scheduled to commence or continue on dates during the months of May or June, 2020, will be continued to dates to be determined at a later date. Parties are not required, and are not encouraged, to file motions for continuance of any such trials or hearings; any such motion which has been or is hereafter filed shall be deemed disposed of by this Notice without necessity of any further action by the court.
The foregoing Notice does not apply to:
1. Hearings on applications for temporary restraining orders, or on the extension or alleged contempt thereof;
2. Hearings on applications for emergency orders of custody on which ex parte relief has been granted; or
3. Hearings and trials whose dates are specificall or texty set after the date of this Standing Order, including but not limited to hearings and trials scheduled to proceed by remote means.
The Honorable Michael A. Albis
Chief Administrative Judge
Family Division