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Health Insurance When You Are in Crisis

The State of Connecticut has reopened the ability for qualified candidates to sign up for individual health insurance if they did not do it during the open enrollment period (November 15, 2019 to December 15, 2020). Those that qualify have up until April 2, 2020 to enroll on Access Health CT (Connecticut State Marketplace). The website is www.accesshealthct.com or an interested party can contact AccessHealthCT by call or texting 855-805-4325. They can also speak with a certified broker (see below for contact info).  There are no costs to speak to a broker.

For an individual who has recently lost their coverage due to a recent layoff, they have what is known as a ‘Special Election Period’ that allows them to apply for health insurance as well.  These individuals have the ability to sign up for COBRA or state continuance (depending on the size of their employer) and continue the benefits that their employer has, or they can again look to see if they can find something more affordable through state marketplace (Access Health CT).  Depending on their circumstances, they might be eligible for a tax subsidy which can help with premiums and sometimes benefits or even Medicaid (if eligible). That is not determined until you apply. An individual who loses coverage from an employer has 60 days from the day they lose their coverage to enroll. Should they wait until after, they would have to wait until open enrollment for 2021. If a member is eligible for Medicaid, they can always apply for benefits.

For Questions and Coverage, please contact:

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Health Insurance Agent

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