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Local [Bankruptcy] Rules Effective September 2018



Revised as of April, 2018
Effective Date: September 4, 2018 


Local Rules Of Bankruptcy Procedure For The District Of Connecticut Effective September 4, 2018   (Downloadable PDF)

Part I. Commencement of Case; Proceedings Relating to Petition and Order of Relief

Local Bankr. R. 1001-1  Scope, Incorporation of District Court Rules, and Short Title

Local Bankr. R. 1001-2  Definitions

Local Bankr. R. 1002-1  Commencement or Continuance of Case Without Counsel

Local Bankr. R. 1002-2  Notice to Office of United States Trustee Regarding Filing of a Chapter 11 Petition

Local Bankr. R. 1004-1  Business Entity Petition

Local Bankr. R. 1006-1  Filing Fees – Application to Pay Filing Fee in Installments

Local Bankr. R. 1007-1  Lists, Schedules, and Statements

Local Bankr. R. 1009-1  Amendments to Creditor Lists, Schedules, and Statements

Local Bankr. R. 1015-1  Joint Administration

Local Bankr. R. 1017-1  Contemporaneous Petition

Local Bankr. R. 1019-1  Conversion of Case; Documents Required to Be Filed

Local Bankr. R. 1073-1  Assignment and Reassignment of Cases within the District

Part II. Officers and Administration; Notices; Meetings; Examinations; Elections; Attorneys and Accountants

Local Bankr. R. 2002-1  Notice and Service to Creditors and Other Interested Parties

Local Bankr. R. 2002-2  Omnibus Hearing Calendar

Local Bankr. R. 2004-1  Rule 2004 Examinations

Local Bankr. R. 2014-1  Employment of Professionals

Local Bankr. R. 2014-2  Retention of Ordinary Course Professionals

Local Bankr. R. 2015-1  Post-Confirmation Reports

Local Bankr. R. 2016-1  Compensation of Professionals

Local Bankr. R. 2016-2  Compensation of Debtor’s Counsel in Chapter 13 Cases

Local Bankr. R. 2017-1  Committees in Chapter 9, 11, and 12 Cases

Part III. Claims and Distribution to Creditors and Equity Interest Holders; Plans

Local Bankr. R. 3001-1  Proof of Claim: Secured Claims in Individual Debtor Cases

Local Bankr. R. 3003-1  Filing Proofs of Claim or Interest in a Chapter 9 or 11 Case

Local Bankr. R. 3007-1  Claim Objections

Local Bankr. R. 3007-2  Omnibus Claim Objection Procedures

Local Bankr. R. 3007-3  Estimation of Claims

Local Bankr. R. 3015-1  Chapter 12 – Confirmation

Local Bankr. R. 3015-2  Chapter 13 – Confirmation

Local Bankr. R. 3016-1  Chapter 11 – Plan

Local Bankr. R. 3017-1  Transmission and Notice of Plan and Disclosure Statement

Local Bankr. R. 3017-1.1  Consideration of Disclosure Statement in a Small Business Cases

Local Bankr. R. 3017-2  Approval of Disclosure Statement in Small Business Cases

Local Bankr. R. 3018-1  Certification of Acceptances and Rejections of Chapter 11 Plans

Local Bankr. R. 3020-1  Chapter 11 – Confirmation

Local Bankr. R. 3022-1  Application for Final Decree

Part IV. The Debtor: Duties and Benefits

Local Bankr. R. 4001-1  Automatic Stay; Relief from Stay Worksheet

Local Bankr. R. 4001-2  Continuation or Imposition of Automatic Stay

Local Bankr. R. 4001-3  Use of Cash Collateral and Debtor in Possession Financing

Local Bankr. R. 4002-1  Documents to Be Delivered to Trustee Prior to Section 341 Creditors’ Meeting

Local Bankr. R. 4004-1  Entry of Discharge in Individual Chapter 11, Chapter 12 and Chapter 13 Cases

Part V. Courts and Clerks

Local Bankr. R. 5003-1  Clerk of Court– General Authority

Local Bankr. R. 5005-1  Filing Papers – Requirements

Local Bankr. R. 5010-1  Reopening Cases

Local Bankr. R. 5011-1  Withdrawal of Reference

Local Bankr. R. 5073-1  Photography, Broadcasting, Recording and Televising

Part VI. Collection and Liquidation of the Estate

Local Bankr. R. 6004-1  Sale of Estate Property – General

Local Bankr. R. 6004-2  Sales and Sale Procedures Motions

Local Bankr. R. 6005-1  Employment of Auctioneers

Local Bankr. R. 6005-2  Employment of Appraisers

Local Bankr. R. 6070-1  Tax Returns and Tax Refunds in Chapter 12 and 13 Cases

Part VII. Adversary Proceedings

Local Bankr. R. 7001-1  Adversary Proceedings – General

Local Bankr. R. 7002-1  Adversary Proceeding Cover Sheet

Local Bankr. R. 7005-1  Service of Pleadings and Other Papers by Electronic Means

Local Bankr. R. 7007-1  Motion Practice

Local Bankr. R. 7007-2  Briefs

Local Bankr. R. 7012-1  Motions to Dismiss

Local Bankr. R. 7016-1  Pretrial Procedures

Local Bankr. R. 7026-1  Discovery; Duty of Disclosure; Filing of Discovery

Local Bankr. R. 7037-1  Discovery Disputes

Local Bankr. R. 7055-1  Default and Default Judgment

Local Bankr. R. 7056-1  Summary Judgment

Local Bankr. R. 7067-1  Registry Fund

Part IX. General Provisions

Local Bankr. R. 9010-1  Appearances

Local Bankr. R. 9013-1  Forms of Pleading of Certain Contested Matters

Local Bankr. R. 9013-2  Motions Filed with Petition in Chapter 11 Cases

Local Bankr. R. 9014-1  Contested Matters and Contested Matter Procedure

Local Bankr. R. 9019-1  Motions to Compromise

Local Bankr. R. 9019-2  Alternative Dispute Resolution

Local Bankr. R. 9027-1  Removal.

Local Bankr. R. 9036-1  Notice by Electronic Transmission

Local Bankr. R. 9070-1  Exhibits

Local Bankr. R. 9077-1  Sealed Documents

Local Bankr. R. 9083-1  Attorneys – Admission to Practice

Local Bankr. R. 9083-2  Attorneys – Discipline and Disbarment

Local Bankr. R. 9083-3  Attorneys – Requirement of Local Counsel

Local Bankr. R. 9083-4  Attorneys – Withdrawals

Local Bankr. R. 9083-5  Change of Contact Information or Name



Appendix A   Administrative Procedures for Electronic Case Filing

Appendix B     Relief from Stay Worksheet

Appendix C     Fee Application Cover Sheet

Appendix D     Guidelines for Compensation and Expense Reimbursement of Professionals

Appendix E      Local Form Chapter 13 Plan and Instructions

Appendix F     Chapter 12 Operating Order

Appendix G     Guidelines regarding Sale of Substantially All Assets Under 11 U.S.C. § 363, Overbids and Fees

Appendix H     Checklist for Motions and Orders Pertaining to the Use of Cash Collateral and Post-Petition Financing

Appendix I      Documents to Be Produced to Trustee in Chapter 7 Cases Prior to Section 341 Creditor’s Meeting

Appendix J      Documents to Be Produced to Trustee in Chapter 13 Cases Prior to Section 341 Creditor’s Meeting

Appendix K     Notice to Disputed, Contingent, and Unliquidated Creditors

Appendix L      List of Government Agency Addresses

Appendix M     Motions/Applications that do not follow Contested Matter Procedure

Appendix N     Exceptions to Contested Matter Procedure


SOURCE: http://www.ctb.uscourts.gov/local-rules-effective-september-4-2018-1