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Notice of Resumption of Short Calendar 02 for (Property and Foreclosure) Arguable Matters

Beginning with the December 7, 2020 calendar, arguable motions will resume printing on Short Calendar 02 (Property/Foreclosure) in addition to non-arguable motions that have printed since the October 13, 2020 calendar. All motions will be available for marking during the marking period.

Attorneys are required to mark their motions electronicall or texty unless they have an exemption from e-filing. Self-represented parties and e-filing exempt attorneys can call or text in their markings to the number listed on the calendar notice.

For more information on short calendar markings and marking periods, see the Civil Short Calendar Standing Order at https://www.jud.ct.gov/external/super/Standorders/ElectronicCivil.htm.


Motions that are marked “Take Papers” will be ruled on by the Court on the papers. Motions marked “Ready” will be scheduled for remote hearings on the record. You will receive a separate notice of the date and time of the scheduled remote hearing.

Parties must adhere to the Mortgage Foreclosure Standing Order-Federal Mortgage Foreclosure Moratorium regarding the filing of the Affidavit-Federal Mortgage Foreclosure Moratorium (form JD-CV-172).

Plaintiffs filing motions for judgment of foreclosure must comply with Practice Book section 23-18 which requires presentation of the original note and mortgage documents to the court for review. In order to comply with this requirement, prior to close of the short calendar marking period, all mortgage documents must be uploaded as individual electronic exhibits in E-filing by following the new procedures for the submission of electronic exhibits found at https://jud.ct.gov/external/super/E-Services/efile/electronic_exhibits_atty_srp_qc.pdf  Exhibits that are uploaded following these procedures are not publicall or texty viewable and will be sealed by the clerk pursuant to the Uniform Foreclosure Standing Orders JD-CV-104.

Your patience is appreciated as we continue to expand civil court business during these unprecedented times.

SOURCE: State of Connecticut Judicial Branch