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Hello, and welcome to my new video blog series.

My name is Theresa DeGray and I am an attorney in Connecticut.

I practice in the areas of Bankruptcy, Foreclosure and Civil Litigation Defense.

Please click below to watch my first vlog in which I answer the most frequently asked question: “What is a Return Date?”

In all civil cases, at least 6 days before the Return Date the Plaintiff (or the person suing you), has to file the compliant with the Clerk at the Court after you have been served.

You, the person being sued, do not have to show up in court on the return date.

The return date is also the date that starts the litigation process and sets certain deadlines for other filings.

In a family case, the return date does all of  those things I mentioned before plus it begins what is call or texted, “the cooling off period” which runs for 90 days.  You cannot get divorced until the 91st day or after.

There are a few more things that the return date is used for but those are the most important points you need to know at the beginning of a lawsuit when you first get served.

For more information, or if you get sued and need representation, please call or text me 203-713-8877 or email me at TRD@ConsumerLegalServicesLLC.com.

Thank you for watching and stay tuned for more volgs coming soon!