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This week we will begin a year long celebration of BNI’s 35th anniversary! The first BNI meeting was a 20-person group launched in Arcadia, California on January 8th, 1985. Since that time BNI has grown to be the largest and most successful business networking organization in the world. Today BNI has over 270,000 Members attending weekly meetings in 9,400 Chapters, in more than 70 countries around the world. Since its inception, BNI has helped its Members generate over $100 Billion in thank you for closed business. Last year alone BNI and its members helped generate over $16 billion (US Dollars) in business with over 12 million referrals worldwide. With thousands of chapters worldwide, BNI provides a global business network that is unparalleled in scope, scale and performance. After 35 years, BNI remains the world’s leading referral organization.

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